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How does TVGuardian work differently for TV than it does for DVD and Blu-Ray?

TVGuardian for TV:  TVGuardian was primarily designed for TV. TVG Technology works by readying the closed-captions required by law for TV.  Because of this, TVGuardian technology will filter virtually every single TV Show and movie when watched on TV; this includes movies watched on Video-on-Demand, Pay-Per-View, HBO, Starz, Encore, Showtime, Cinemax, USA Network, TCM, TNT, you name the channel. . . you name the movie. . .  you name the TV Show. . . TVG will filter the language whether you're watching it live or from a recording on your DVR.  The exception would be live events, like the news, talk shows and sporting events.  Good thing there's now an standard 7-second delay used for the broadcasters to catch surprises for live TV.

TVGuardian for DVD: DVD is a different animal.  TVGuardian technology works with DVD, however, the needed closed-captions aren't on all the movies -- they aren't required by law on DVDs.  Prior to 2009, virtually all movies released on DVD worked with TVGuardian -- the only exception were movies released by Universal Studios.  Lately, Hollywood has changed how they format closed-captions on DVD and only around 50% of the new releases work with TVG.  Once again, these same movies are filtered by TVGuardian when watched on TV.  You can tell if TVGuardian will work on a DVD by looking for the CC logo on the back of the box.  If it has the SDH (subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired) logo it will not work with TVG.

TVGuardian for Blu-Ray: Unfortunately, Blu-Ray does not contain the closed-captions TVGuardian technology needs to detect foul language.  Blu-Ray uses subtitles exclusively.  TVGuardian technology is capable of reading subtitles only when it is built into the Blu-Ray players.  We will pursue these manufacturers in the future.