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TVGuardian LT Tips

Reduce the Muting by Changing the Filter Settings

TVGuardian's default setting is Strict. If you're okay with hell and damn being heard, changing the Hell/Damn subfilter to OFF will dramatically decrease the number of mutes. You can also change the primary filter setting to Moderate or Tolerant. We suggest you experiment to find the setting that's best for you and your family.

Use Double Sided Tape

The stickers included for the IR eyes are for a one-time use.  If you have to move the IR eye location, you might have to use some normal double sided tape.

Avoid Using Your Mute Button Manually

TVGuardian LT sends the mute code for your TV or audio system. If you have manually muted your TV using your remote control and TVGuardian detects foul language, TVG will send the mute/unmute code, your TV will unmute, and you will hear the phrase with the foul language.  So, if you're watching a show with foul language and need to turn off the sound, instead of using your mute button, turn down the volume.

If the Mute/Unmute toggle gets off, manually mute/unmute with your remote

TVGuardian simply toggles on/off the mute. If it starts muting when it should unmute and unmuting when it should mute, simply hit your remote control mute button to get TVG back on track.

Instructions for TVGuardian LT and How-To-Video showing connections: